Air peace Applauded for its tireless service to Nigerians

Obinwannem News Air peace Applauded for its tireless service to Nigerians

The Federal government on Sunday, the 12th of July 2020, commended Air Peace for facilitating the evacuation of five hundred and eighty-four (584) Nigerians and for its decision to engage another airline after the British government denied its landing rights into the Gatwick Airport, London.

Air Peace was also applauded for other monetary sacrifices it made to ensure that stranded Nigerians returned to their home country safely.

The airline’s CEO, Allen Onyema, a lawyer of Biafran origin has indeed made the country proud; his dedication to nation-building and countless efforts in rescuing ordinary citizens in times of needs despite the mounting evidence of systemic marginalization and suppression of the Igbos in Nigeria goes to show that Igbos still have not lost our sense of humanity and pride as Biafrans.

Mr. Onyema has countless occasions assumed the role of government by rendering services to stranded Nigerians abroad almost at no costs; the swift evacuation of the victims of racial abuses and intimidations in China in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and over 300 Nigerians stranded in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia with little help from the Federal Government is quite commendable.

Recall that same Air Peace was responsible for evacuating Nigerians at no cost from South Africa late last year after many were killed and properties worth millions were destroyed during widespread violence and waves of xenophobic attacks.

The list is endless, Barr. Allen with his airline, a private Nigerian Company founded in 2013 with its head office in Lagos state has earned well-deserved recognition for handling the affairs of the nation when the government in power has failed in most cases to cater for the welfare of its citizens.

Lolo Ugo Queensley Kalu reporting, Obinwannem News

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