A Message of Hope, A Clarion Call

Obinwannem News A Message of Hope, A Clarion Call

The gong has sounded and its message is to alert all citizenry of Biafran origin to awake and answer to the call of her motherland, to come into her as the season is ripe for her to release the abundant wealthy resources and treasures that have been hidden since the inception of her colonization by the white man and marginalization in the contraption called Niger area.

The harvest is plenty but the workmen are very few.
Awake from your slumber and answer to the call of your mother’s land. Awake from your slumber and be free from the clutches of them that hold you captive.
Awake and separate yourselves from the shadow of darkness hovering over your destiny.

Awake and come to the land of the rising sun, where the sun will refresh your senses and break you forth into the light which you were born into.

The world is waiting for your coming forth, for your light will not only release you and yours but will also release many who are in bondage and don’t have a voice to speak, for you are the voice of the voiceless, the defender of the defenseless, the keeper and harbinger of justice and equity.

The world will marvel at your speed and nations will seek you out for wisdom and counsel just like it was in the days of your ancestors. The mandate of heaven has been given and a leader has been chosen, all you need to march forward has been provided, every man for one and one for every man.

There should be no turning back. Prepare yourselves and be ready. Let nothing hold you back, for where you are going, there is abundance of wealth that can never be comprehended by any mortal man.

This is the time to free yourselves from all that weighs you down, for freedom is demanded and not given freely without a fight. Fight for it NOW, for your supreme creator in Heaven (Chukwuokikeabiama) has prevailed over your enemies and has paved an access road for your freedom.

The call for the emancipation of BIAFRA is a collective effort and not for a few. All hands MUST be on deck to achieve it because freedom for one is freedom for all. ALL HAIL BIAFRA, the land of the rising sun, flowing with milk, honey, and unimaginable treasures, ready to receive her citizens.

Lolo Ugo Queensley Kalu reporting, Obinwannem News

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