A Lesson To Learn: The Anambra state Onitsha Ochanja market heavy Fire incident

Obinwannem News A Lesson To Learn: The Anambra state Onitsha Ochanja market heavy Fire incident

On the 28th of November 2018, a petrol tanker driving down the hilly Orlu/Owerri express road, reaching Umuaka, Njaba local government exploded and a bus conveying 19 passengers from Owerri to Orlu speedily approaching the tanker exploded as well,

every living thing around that axis got burnt beyond recognition apart from a guy whose family said was supposed to have his wedding the next month He was only recognized after some investigations not because he wasn’t burnt like others this incident took place in Imo state and it was so painful to note that until the fire went down, there was no fire service management to help take down the fire.

The next day, there was a gas explosion that erupted in a fuel station at Orji in Owerri still in Imo state, according to the report, a woman was broken into pieces and also, a guy was amputated not forgetting that just about twelve months ago there was a tanker explosion in the same Onitsha that claimed lives, goods, and properties worth Billions of naira.

Fast forward to 2019 a similar but worst situation has just happened, another petrol tanker exploded in Onitsha, lives are lost, properties and goods worth billions of naira are gone and victims are left bleeding with no help within their reach.

During the incident yesterday, it was gathered that there was no single presence of the fire service police as the fire burnt and destroyed without a challenge, apparently, Eastern Nigeria has no functional fire fighting vans and equipment.

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But then, we all know that Innoson motors are based in Anambra State Biafraland and also can produce highly sophisticated firefighter vans and then, one begins to ask the state government why they weren’t able to procure some?

Note: Tax, environmental, business premises, and other revenues are imposed on the citizens and the majority responds to payments These revenues put together can fix the infrastructural challenges in every state without dependence on the federal monthly allocations.

Rather than delivering they loot and steal the resources meant for infrastructure and developments.

Meanwhile, the truth remains that bad roads, Lack of regulation on transportation of highly inflammable liquids and gas, nonavailability of efficient and trained Fire Service and Personnel, Poor response to emergencies, Untrained, ill-mannered, unqualified and drug/substance-addicted and abusive drivers contributed to these losses, I am also aware the government is responsible for the orderliness of the above mentioned and they failed to maintain the orderliness.

Truly, accidents can be inevitable most times but believe me that the recent happenings can not be ordinary, There are so many lessons to learn from these happenings, and that we shall see below.

The first lesson is, the entire Igbo nation both home and abroad must come back to their subconsciousness and realize that Igbo land is in big trouble, and the inhabitants are in danger, Fulani herdsmen terrorists plan of taken over our land but for the presence and bravery of IPOB other means have been deployed to accomplish their aim this might not affect those living abroad, but has a higher range of effects on their relatives back home, If we can wake up our subconsciousness we will know what to do and the right step to take.

Secondly, every Igbo man must realize that the past elections they participated in are all in vain, In 2018, IPOB campaigned vigorously for an election boycott in Anambra but some people looked aside called us names and sabotaged the boycott by voting for Willi Obiano the current in Anambra State governor. The same lesson should be emulated by others.

Thirdly, the need for every born Biafran to support the ongoing struggle for the restoration of Biafra keeps rising on a daily basis, It’s only in countries like Nigeria that firefighters vans are only functional in newspapers and television channels, In civilized countries, firefighters approach the scene a few minutes later and one of the advantages is to reduce the range of damages.

However, this should serve as a lesson to every Biafran across the globe We all must rise to approach our destiny the time is now or never. Biafra is the answer!

Written By Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere Obinwannem News

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