A Feature Article: Water as a necessity

Obinwannem Nerws A Feature Article: Water as a necessity

Water is tagged as one of the necessities of life, according to Wikipedia it is transparent, tasteless, odorless and nearly colorless, a chemical substance which is the main constituent of earth’s hydrosphere and the fluids of most organisms.

You cannot survive without a drop of water. Even the blood that runs in our vein needs water to survive and flow through. It provides strength and cure to a lot of sicknesses, in fact, you cannot survive without water. It is made up of molecules combining oxygen and two hydrogen atom originally from H2O.

It helps digestion to grind properly without any issue and easily circulation through the control of our body. It dissolves solid to liquid and helps skin radiation by taking at least 8 cups of water a day it protects the body from sickness and external damages that can cause injury.

The earth is surrounded by water. Water is classified into several parts; there are drinking water, canal water that absorbs dirty objects and where most of our waste is thrown to, riverbank, sea, and beach. It helps to meet our future demands.

Even doctors recommend water before testing a patient after compliant, a professional doctor will ask a patient to bath with water first before undergoing a test to know what exactly the patient is passing through, enough water is also recommended for an abdominal scan so the machine can examine the patient-internal organ.

Drinking water is a habit we must cultivate and we cannot survive without it, most people prefer soft drinks and alcohol over water and this hinders their body from growing. Water can be either cold, hot, warm or freeze; each form of water have their purposes.

If you decide to take cold water it’s for relaxation, the hot water has its purposes majorly when the weather seems hot and it’s needed to cool the body, sometimes it is used for sick people and newborn babies to have their bath. Water helps the body a lot if you feel you don’t drink water at all which is not even possible at all in human existence.

In one way or the other, you need water, water to deal with the weather. During harmattan, the request for water is usually on a low level but during the summer period water demands graduates from low to a higher level.

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