A Feature Article: Roads crying for construction in Lagos State

Obinwannem News A Feature Article: Roads crying for construction in Lagos State

This is a through fare, route or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travel by foot or some form of conveyance, including a motor vehicle, cart, bicycle or horse.

The roads are under construction and some part is due for construction but nothing is done about it. It saddens the heart of the masses that transportation grew all of a sudden to be very expensive due to bad roads and potholes.

Lagos State, in particular, is suffering from road construction that demands urgent attention. The masses are crying in their hearts, creating a picture of our fingers that’s not equal, not everyone can afford the transportation fee.

Today, our economy is depreciating which requires management. The circulation at which money flow is limited and people struggle to meet end meets. Transporters such as Bus drivers, Motorcyclists, Tricycle drivers and any more increased the t-fare due to the bad roads and struggle to avoid an accident on the way.

Police officers and Nurtw are an addition to this aforementioned problem, they cause issues unnecessarily because of peanut they collect from the transporters.

Most drivers in question pay on installment and have to meet up to an expected amount, the passenger suffers it the most due to high prices inflated on them taking for instance instead of paying a little amount as low as 50 naira it will be raised to 100 naira.

Bridges are condemned, though roads are not built in a day. But even if construction should take place it should be at night not during the day to cause traffic and delay on the road. We need officers at each junction to start fulfilling their fake promises during their useless elections because all the indigenous people that made Nigeria as a country are losing the patient to continue with the unity of Nigeria.

The Nigerian government officials always failed to take traffic instructions and went one way to cut off the traffic with them felling the roles of traffic it is masses suffer the headache. Bad road on the high way has led to death, series of accidents, traffic jam. Nigerians are crying, we need help.

Because of this bad government system, the majority have begun to support the agitation of all Indigenous to break Nigeria, Biafra is agitating, Revolution Now is agitating, Boko-Haram is agitating, Ariwa Youth is agitating, is this not the end of Nigeria country”?

The government should please intervene and work on our bad roads due to construction. It is getting worse day by day and there are a lot of accidents occurring, trailers are falling off bridges. One more thing, Lagos roads needs expansion. It is too narrow that if a bus, cars or trailer breaks down it will cause traffic for other buses or cars or trailers to pass through.


Apapa-gridlock Road

Written By Adeluwoye Comfort Eniola Obinwannem News

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