7 Things Considered As Taboo In Igbo Land.

Obinwannem News 7 Things Considered As Taboo In Igbo Land.

Every tribe has a cultural practice that must be respected to the core. What they believe in might be different from what your tribe believes in.

A taboo is something declared forbidden either for its sacred nature or to defend the human beings of a given neighborhood from the wrath of the gods and the leaders.

There are some things Igbo people considered as taboo right from the onset. These things are what they do not tolerate as they are considered abominable to the entire people. In this article, i shall be sharing with you 7 of them as follows

  1. Suicide or killing of oneself:

Killing oneself or committing suicide is a taboo in Igbo land, and such physique is cursed and should not be buried in the community. Igbo culture doesn’t care about what you must have been passing through to have killed your self. Nothing is worth committing suicide for so,don’t try it as an Igbo person.

2. A woman blessing the kolanut:

Kolanut is seen a sacred nut in Igbo land , and ought to in no way be broken or shared by a woman. A kolanut ought to only be broken, blessed, and shared by man. In Igbo land, it is believed that “he that giveth kola, giveth life”. It is a life-giving nut of the gods.

  1. Committing incest:

It is a taboo to have sex with one’s blood members of the family. Igbos frowns on that type of act. Therefore, we have to by no means be attempted with such an act to avoid facing the consequences in accordance to the elders of the land.

  1. Using the left hand:

Using the left hand to do something is forbidden in Igboland and strictly prohibited – regardless of the truth that the character may additionally be left-handed. A left-handed man or woman is being taught on how to make use of the suited hand in eating, writing, giving and accepting things. Elders deeply frown on giving or taking something with the left hand due to the fact it is viewed most disrespectful and unfortunate.

5. Unblessed marriage union:

Unblessed marriage union: It is forbidden for a lady to stay with a man barring the ideal marriage rites or barring the due approval and approval of their parents. First thing a man should do is to pay dowry or bride-price of his spouse before or hastily after establishing to continue to be together, or the female will lose her prestige in the community and may face problems of poverty, retrogression, sickness and demise among others.

6. Marrying an Osu:

An Osu is an outcast within the caste system, and marrying one is considered a taboo that need to in no way be done. An Osu or outcast is viewed the property of the gods or a slave and descendant of slaves and ought to by way of no ability be presented or taken for marriage. Free-born men and women are anticipated to check out the origins and social classification of a man or lady to be sure that he/ she is not an Osu before getting married.

7. Causing the fall of an elder:

Causing an elder to fall from his seat or drop from his fit is considered a taboo, and the perpetrator ought to kill a goat for ritual or he may also by no means develop to the current age of the man. A goat or any different prescribed object have to be supplied to cleanse the land and atone for the offender.

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem News writer/October 26, 2021.

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