5 foods to avoid because of constipation

Obinwannem News 5 foods to avoid because of constipation

In clear terms, constipation occurs when someone has fewer than three bowel movements in a week. This depends on how often it happens, the longer you hold it, the more difficult it becomes for you to stool.

For you to discover you have constipation the following would be observed

  1. Your stool are dry and hard
  2. You have a feeling that you have not fully emptied your bowels
  3. You feel pains when you stool or find it difficult to stool

Constipation occur because your colon absorbs too much water from stool , which dries out the stool making it hard and difficult to push out of the body.

One of the best way to prevent constipation or to find constipation relief is by avoiding foids that cause it. The following five foods xan cause constipation

  1. Red meat: Red meat takes the place of fibre in our diet when it is eaten regularly., this may lead to a backed-up feeling. The fibre content in Red meat adds bulks to stools and helps them move along thereby causing constipation.
  2. Dairy Products ( Milk, Cheese)

Sensitivity to the proteins in cows’ milk is often associated with loose stools or diarrhoea, but research shows that come people experience constipation due to milk (or other dairy) consumption. Try a dairy alternative, such as soy or almond milk, to see if you experience an improvement in your constipation symptoms. Minimize your intake of cheese and butter, too, if you find dairy is a trigger.

  1. Refined grains

Refined grains, such as white bread, processed snack crackers, and white rice, have much (or all) of the fiber stripped away. When you consume them instead of fiber-rich whole grains, your bowel function suffers.

The USDA recommends consuming a minimum of 6 ounces of whole grains per day if you follow a 2,000-calorie diet. So make substitutions such as 100% whole-wheat bread for white slices and brown rice or quinoa instead of white rice.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is dehydrating. When you don’t have enough fluid in your body, your stools grow hard and compact so they’re hard to pass. Alcohol also slows digestion and can cause bowel irritation, exacerbating constipation symptoms.

Stick to the recommended one drink per day for women or two drinks per day for men. If you have serious constipation problems, forego alcohol altogether or save it for special occasions.

  1. Fast food

At most fast food restaurants, white buns and fries are the norm. The burgers or fried chicken patties inside these buns are high in fat, and the whole meal package is very low in fiber. Fried foods and low-fiber foods both contribute to constipation.

Make them a steady staple in your diet and you may be responsible, at least in part, for your blocked bowels.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku Obinwannem News Writer/ Sept 6, 2022

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