2023: Peter Obi assures that PDP will present the best candidate for the job

Obinwannem News 2023: Peter Obi assures that PDP will present the best candidate for the job

Mr Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and former governor of Anambra State, has expressed confidence that his party will present the best candidate for the job to rescue the country from its current unfortunate situation.

Speaking after receiving the PDP expression of interest and nomination forms presented to him by a group of professionals at his Onitsha residence, Obi stated that while PDP presidential aspirants were already debating how to present an acceptable candidate to carry the party’s flag in the election, the emphasis is on who is best suited for the job due to the enormity of the country’s problems.

Some PDP presidential candidates have already begun visiting various states in the country in order to consider the option of a consensus candidate for the party, a move that some party stakeholders believe will reduce tensions during the party’s primaries.

“The presidential aspirants are not saying the consensus is for a specific section of the country,” Obi said. They could be referring to a Nigeria-wide agreement. So we’re going around, interacting with people, and talking about everything.

“You never know, I might be the consensus candidate they’re pushing for.” We’ve been talking, and I believe that in the end, we’ll figure out who is the best fit for the job.

“I have strong support from all over Nigeria, and in this recruitment, we must be able to interrogate people’s pasts and what they have been able to do in previous jobs in order to guide Nigerians in making the selection.”

Obi, who said he would formally declare for the presidential race in the coming days, added that his manifesto, to which he is committed, would also be made public, and that the first thing he would do if elected is restored trust in governance.

“I have the ability to turn this country around,” he added. This country is currently at its lowest ebb. People will be less likely to commit crimes if they are gainfully employed, and I have a plan to get people out of poverty as soon as possible, with the first step being to revitalize the economy.”

“He thanked the professionals for believing in him and assured them of his commitment to making Nigeria a better place.”

” I am also concerned about the future of our youth.” We must get to work, and once we do, we will be able to build a better Nigeria,” Obi stated.

Mr Daniel Wilbert, a young professional from Warri in Delta State, who made the presentation earlier, said he and his friends and colleagues across the country contributed and purchased the expression of interest and nomination forms for Peter Obi because they saw in him the qualities of a good president.

“Working-class professionals from across the country believe Obi is best suited for the job at this tumultuous time in the country’s history.” “We looked around and saw that you are the best candidate for the job, so we decided to identify with your aspiration,” he said.

Mazi Akachukwu Udo Obinwannem News writers / 02/04/2022

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