Keywords from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Broadcast of July 26

Obinwannem News Keywords from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Broadcast of July 26

Keywords from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Broadcast of July 26

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during his broadcast on Sunday the 26th day of July 2020, hammered mostly on the arrest of some IPOB members in Aba during their usual gather.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu explained that the arrest was collaboration with the traditional ruler of the community, Eze Denise Iheanyi, from Osisioma.

Other important things discussed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu include;

“This evening I welcome all of you, the whole world is listening, if you go to Abuja right now, the whole vicinity is on standstill, because when we speak on this platform, the whole world takes notice.

“I welcome you once again this evening,
and as I welcome you please endeavor to welcome others.

“There is a breaking news of which I will give to you soon after my introduction, I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and my name is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I am the Director of Radio Biafra and in the same vein the Director of Biafra Television, by the grace of Elohim, I lead this loyal army of Biafra.

“Before I go further, I want to read out the breaking news that I got, and I am reading it out for all men and women of goodwill and conscience to bear us witness. We have not done anything to these people, but from left and right our enemies are after us.

“Eze Denise Iheanyi, from Osisioma, connived with the JANJAWEED as the Nigerian Police came into our land to arrest IPOB men and women without any provocation. A traditional ruler is inviting these terrorists to arrest our people.

“I want the whole world to bear us witness, the UN and the U.S, that we have not done anything to them.

“There is madness in a traitorous Igbo man. When an Igbo man decides to be a SABOTEUR, there will always be something, madness about him.

“I am giving this fool, Eze Denise Iheanyi till 6:pm to release our people or I will set example with him, just like we are dealing with the so-called cultists in Oba.

“All of you that are selling land in Biafraland to Fulani, I am warning you, any day we see any Fulani settlement in our land, the traditional rulers and President General in that place will be in serious trouble.

“I want Nigeria to record what I’m saying, send it to America, send it to London, send it to anywhere you want. From now henceforth any idiot that comes to our land to arrest and kill will die, and I want you to write it down.

“Anything I tell you is gospel, if I tell you that Buhari is dead, he is dead. Are you people now waking up? Here we are making it abundantly clear, everything that we say is crystal clear.

“There is a meeting going on in Trinidad and Tobago, we are there to stay.

“Eze Denise Iheanyi, a SABOTEUR and Fulani informant you are a dead man walking. You have till 6:pm to release our people or we will deal with you.

“You arrested Boko Haram terrorists and you integrated them into the army. Do you see why I say that you are in a ZOO and you are an animal?

“The only country in the whole world where terrorists are recruited into the army. Black, people there is something wrong with your way of reasoning.

“Once you are a Nigg-arean, you can’t reason. Your brain cells are no longer functioning.

“Some people are now calling for the arrest of the mask wearer, but that is a long way of doing that, the easy quick and safe way is to unmask the idiot and your problems will be solved.

“Believe me a black man is hopeless both intellectually and otherwise.

“Alex Ekwueme an Igbo man formed the G36 and fought Abacha to a standstill, TINUBU was in exile.

“You are screaming arrest Buhari. Go to his grave in Saudi Arabia and arrest his skeleton.

“Any day you people collectively remove that mask, corruption will stop, Fulani killings will stop.

“Now that Abba Kyari is dead don’t you know that there is nobody in AsoRock?

“Jonathan went to see him alone, Jonathan came out alone, no press conference, is that not how it is done everywhere in the world? And you want me to respect you as a Nigerian?

“The same Boko Haram they are releasing and putting in the army are the same Boko Haram that are executing aid workers. You Nigerians are you normal? Is that what you are telling me?

“People say why do you call Nigeria a ZOO, I say because they don’t reason like human beings.

“The only qualification you need to be in the army is by killing people, and you are recruited in the army.

“There is no President and there is no vice, and I am beginning to believe that something terrible has happened to Osibanjo.

“Because I told you the truth, I lost my men. 28 of them, my cousin Adaku was killed, my dog killed and few months later I lost my mother and father due to the shock they experienced during the incident.

“Go to my parent’s room you will see bullet holes. My parents were there while the terrorists Nigeria army were shooting.

“Oil was sold in China for 2.5 billion dollars and money pocketed. Where is the money?

“He is asking Aisha boyfriend to resign and walk away. They know there is nobody in Aso Rock. Nobody can see Buhari, he is like a Coronavirus, you can’t see him.

“They screwed up your mindset and told you that an Igbo man loves money, but today who is looting your treasury dry? This is what I called reversed psychology.

“They tell you that Igbo man is domineering, they want to take over Niger Delta. But the British know that an Igbo man hates injustice.

“When a white man treats you badly don’t blame him, because they are seeing what we are seeing.

“There are these Igbo Saboteurs with certificate, they don’t want to speak out because of their selfish gains.

“The situation now was not worst than what it was under Abacha. Under Abacha, there were no killings and murderous regime.

“For how long are we going to allow our children to be killed? I asked the HAUSA people and those of you in Southern Kaduna.

“Britain started on time to divide Biafra, they instituted what they called the Willy’s commission.

“Britain knows that if they were to control Nigeria, they need to demoralize an Igbo man to the extent that his own brother will hate him and they succeeded.

“Nnamdi Azikiwe made a fatal mistake by removing Eyo Eita, and Eyo Eita went back and told his people that they have removed him.

“A Fulani man will tell you that Igbo wants Biafra because of Oil, and am asking who are those controlling the oil in Egbema, Igweocha, Anambra and Imo? Is it an Igbo man?

“You see how Fulani, a minority group a few of them, not up to 2% of the population, see how they are controlling your mind, nepotism of the highest order.

“Their children are driving baby Bentley, their children are all over the world with houses in Dubai, when they are done they will come and tell you one Nigeria.

“Do you see how they turned your brain. They spend time and years plotting. Igbos you have no land and yet they are busy settling in your land, with over 400 thatched Fulani settlement.

“After five years, how on earth are you going to remove them? By then it will be too late and over for us.

“This is what Efulefu is made of, they are made of the highest demon.

“I thank you all for listening, as we always maintain that Biafra is our Religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, from me from here it’s Good evening.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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