Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s keywords from his July 19 broadcast

Obinwannem News Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's keywords from his July 19 broadcast

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s keywords from his July 19 broadcast

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has once again addressed the entire world via a Radio Biafra broadcast on Sunday, 19 July, it lasted for almost three hours and was centered on the restoration of the sovereign States of the Biafran nation.

The following are his key points extracted from the broadcast,

“I am the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Director of Radio Biafra and Television. We do not Condone evil, nwantiti oge nmawu etie! Sabo!

“I told my friend Ifeanyi Egbu in London that we cannot proceed until Elohim takes the center stage. We are the architect of our own problem, if we want to get away from it, we must show seriousness.

“The reason why Radio Biafra came and IPOB is here today, is that we may understand that our problem is not the white man but the way a black man reason; I want people to understand this, the problem with Africa is the way we reason, and if we continue to reason like this we will never make progress.

“The difference between a black man and a white man is that whenever there is a problem we tend to blame somebody.

“People don’t understand where our problem is coming, the problem is that you sold your people to the white man, the same thing that is happening today with the efulefus in our land that are still fighting anything that will bring freedom to our people.

“You don’t sell your own people, it is clearly written in the bible. I want to start this evening by telling you that the problem we are having is inside and we must eradicate them.

“In IPOB we tell ourselves the raw typical truth that we may be free. I want the world to understand that even in a place that is called Nigeria, that a white man created, they know it very well that once you destroy the country, the whole people must be free.

“Do you see that the problem of black people is not white people, it is called taking advantage and that’s how nature works.

“Do you know why you must discuss Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB every day? Because we are resolutely committed to the RESTORATION of Biafra and our people.

“Ask yourself why are they worried and afraid of unarmed IPOB? That tells you all you need to know.

“The problem with us is that we are easily distracted over rubbish, we are not focused.

“What happened yesterday in Oba was just a preamble, they will keep on running and we will get them.

“Sano and traitors, they are like flies. When you are eating in the village and flies perches on your food, you just take it away because you don’t want to eat nonsense.

“But when you are drinking palm wine and the same flies falls into your wine, you filter it and drink that same palm wine to show them that you are better than them. That is what these detractors are doing to you.

“Remain focus and consistent, don’t allow yourself to be distracted, if that palm wine is not good, flies will not come close to it.

“When you grow up in the village you know a lot, but when you grow up under the bridge, what do you know.

“If you want your name to be heard, you must say something about IPOB, that’s how powerful and formidable we are.

In any other place Ezekiel Izuogu will be like Henry Ford, I want you to know that as long as Nigeria exist, you can never attain your full potential.

“God created human beings with Brain to reason, but I keep wondering and asking God ‘what’s wrong with a black man sense of reasoning’?

“They forgot that the loss of Biafra between 67 and 70 means that they can go on and take over Biafra, but there is something they don’t know about Biafra, God may punish us but will never allow you to take over Biafraland.

“Nobody is reaching their potentials in Nigeria, only criminals and political thieves.

“When Buhari was alive, they said he is a hard man, he is a general, but look at how children are dying in his village, does that not tell you that Buhari is no more?

“You arrested Boko haram, jailed them, released them and allow them to rejoin the army and take them into battle to fight Boko haram, do you see how sick Nigeria is?

“Black people, there is something fundamentally wrong with the way we reason.

“I am going to publish the list of the army Generals retired by the army and 70 percent of them are from the South.

“That is Fulani for you, they spent years deceiving you and planning.

“This Fulani presidency, like someone said they have finally configured the security system of Nigeria and has placed it in the hands of the Northerners.

“We intercepted a secured communication between a soldier in the field over a phony war going on between the Fulani against the Fulani terrorist, this is a highly classified document.

“They kept telling you lies, they are no longer fighting Boko haram rather ISWAP.

“I am telling America and the whole world that the equipment you provided to Nigeria army is now in the hands of the terrorists.

“The Nigerian military are getting ready for their full-fledged Jihad; and Only Biafra can save the black race.

“Gowon is the foundation of the disease that everybody is suffering today.

“We naturally gravitate towards bad things. That is why black race is backwards.

“We are now at the verge of total conquest due to the few racists among the British government.

“Why do you need to keep Nigeria as one knowing well that Nigeria’s amalgamation was a mistake?

“The only thing that Fulani knows is how to loot and kill.

“Sabo ga adiriri, there must be Sabo”(a saboteur)

“The Fulani has brought war and you are discussing politics, they cut up your daughters into parts in your villages and you are talking about politics.

“This is why in desperation, the Nigerian government is targeting our people in Vietnam, forcing our people to sign that they will never raise IPOB insignia, and we are going to take them to Court.


“Thank you all for listening, as we maintain as always that Biafra is our Religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, from me from here is Good evening”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

  • Mazi Nnamdi kanu you’re our leader keep on we’re behind you 24/7 nothing any body can do about it and nothing any group can do about it
    God Almighty Chukwu okike abiama protect and guide you and give more wisdom, knowledge and understanding
    You’re a blessing to mankind on face of the earth

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