Africa: As enemies surround, Biafra is the yoke (PART 1)

Obinwannem News Africa: As enemies surround, Biafra is the yoke (PART 1)

Africa is a great continent, statistically one of the most ancient kingdom in the world. For a fact, Africa is the home of all technology; this has been proven by the abundance of wealth and natural endowments in the continent of Africa; cultural history, artisan decorums, precious stones, natural resources and many more.

None of the present technology can be made without any of these materials mentioned above. Moreso, Africa is just like an egg. The egg has so many layers which include the shell, albumen, and then the yoke. Africa is the Shell housing so many albumens. These albumens house the precious one, the Yoke which is BIAFRA. Biafra as a yoke that must not be tampered with because in her lies the redemption of Africa.

Having said this, it is still unbelievable to admit the simple fact that Africa is still backward. Here, the issue is that we must learn to admit simple facts because this is the only way to make things right.

I am African, but I don’t know if I should be proud of Africa. You can choose to be or not, but we all have different views. If I should be a proud African, that is because I am proud of who Almighty has made me be and not for any other reason. This is because Africa has everything it takes to make her descendants proud of her substances, but something has gone wrong. This is what this piece will address.

One of the things that have gone wrong is the fact that Africa has so many enemies within, around and even afar. In this case, she is just like a toddler wrapped up in different weapons and various sizes; so that when she tries to adjust her balance, she fears being injured. Remember, these weapons are internally planted. So because she has been in this situation for years, she had better remained unadjusted.

These weapons are there in the guise of the political class, the so-called elites and the religious leaders.

The political class succeeded in disenfranchising Africans, stagnated the economy, leave the youths hopeless and made the masses vulnerable in their own peril. In this case, we found ourselves scattered all over the world in search of greener pastures; sad enough, the same pasture that emanates from Africa.

The elites are busy putting up the elder front and grown-ups meanwhile strangers have taken over our lands; China, Europe, Asia and others have milked Africa and will continue to do so until the sun rises.

You can imagine having graduates of Civil Engineering, but Julius Berger is still being compensated with oil blocks for road construction services. Have you thought of having petrochemical students while the country is still refining oil outside Africa? These are the results of hashing useless elites.

The religious part of this conspiracy is the worst of it all and will be discussed extensively in the next episode.

In all, Africans must embrace the truth. One of the many ways to do this is to realize the damages that have been done and start on time to amend them. Africa must rise again despite the creeds of her enemies.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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